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Whether it’s investment strategy, risk management or product development, investment managers have few priorities that don’t relate to AUM or client satisfaction around performance. BNY Mellon offers an unparalleled set of operationally efficient and scalable solutions which enable investment managers to focus on what they do best: managing assets.

Your Opportunities

Meet Investor Needs

Meet Investor Needs 1

Work with our team of experts to gain deeper insights into your new product launches.

Meet Investor Needs 2

Leverage the shift to passives and alternatives with help from our enhanced servicing capabilities.

Meet Investor Needs 3

Draw from our experience to better align your product offerings with investor preferences.

Streamline Operations

Streamline Operations 1

Let our outsourcing solutions help you move to a variable cost structure without having to sacrifice oversight of business and operational risks.

Streamline Operations 2

Get the tools you need to automate more processes and mitigate operational risks.

Streamline Operations 3

Work with our technology experts to improve your data analytics and reporting transparency.

Enhance Market Access

Enhance Market Access 1

Evaluate your current distribution channels with help from our team of experts.

Enhance market Access 2

Use our global scale to help you expand distribution channels to underserved markets.

Enhance Market Access 3

Get the metrics you need to more efficiently manage your channels.

Navigate Regulations

Navigate Regulation 1

Work with our compliance experts for advice on liquidity management and money market regulations.

Navigate Regulations 2

Get help complying with documentation and disclosure issues brought on by new fiduciary requirements.

Navigate Regulations 3

Mine our understanding of regulatory guidelines to help put formal risk management programs in place.

Optimize Collateral

Optimize Collateral 1

Accurately analyze the demand and supply for collateral to achieve optimal allocation.

Optimize Collateral 2

Diversify your funding and liquidity sources to meet regulatory standards and achieve cost efficiencies.

Optimize Collateral 3

Aggregate and optimize collateral across multiple products, custodians and financing platforms.

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Meeting Investor Needs

Providing investment managers with market insights and trends to influence new products, vehicles and offerings.

Industry Perspectives

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Three Insights to Understanding the Growth of SRI and ESG Investing

If you’re an Investment Manager looking to expand distribution, understanding these socially responsible trends can help tap into a key area of interest for clients and determine possible next steps.

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A Closer Look at Bond Connect

In July 2018, BNY Mellon hosted a live audio webcast, A Closer Look at Bond Connect. Magdalene Tay and experts from Bloomberg reviewed the scheme, one year post-launch. They shared insights on the impending global bond indices inclusion, the challenges and opportunities for foreign investors.

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The Limitations of Automation

BNY Mellon sponsored the AsianInvestor COO Forum in Hong Kong, attracting 35+ COOs from Asia’s leading asset management companies. The forum discussed the challenges of operating a successful organization across Asia — robotic, big data and additional challenges ahead.

Our Thinking

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Alternative Investments Surge Ahead

In our exclusive survey of institutional investors and fund managers, we examine the drivers behind the alternative asset revolution.
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How the DOL’s Conflict of Interest Rule Impacts the ETF Industry

The Department of Labor’s Conflict of Interest Rule is re-defining the term “fiduciary.” This is a move that could profoundly change the business model and advisory strategy for many advisory firms. How will it affect you?

Sovereign Institutions Enhancing Global Liquidity

Strengthening Markets: How Sovereign Institutions Can Enhance Liquidity

Global liquidity is a vital ingredient in the factors driving financial markets and growth worldwide, but it’s been under severe strain since the financial crisis. This paper outlines the challenges to global liquidity, the roles and responses of institutions and the future of liquid funding markets.  

Our Capabilities

Asset Servicing

Through our global reach, expertise, breadth of services and innovative technologies, we deliver impactful strategies and knowledgeable insights that can help you make intuitive decisions at every phase of your investment process.


Capital Markets U.S.

BNY Mellon Capital Markets, LLC provides debt and equity underwriting services across public and private markets. We also act as an equity market maker in selected securities and are active in fixed income markets. BNY Mellon Capital Markets, LLC is a wholly-owned non-bank subsidiary of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation (BNY Mellon) and a member of FINRA and SIPC.

Collateral Management and Segregation

New regulatory demands are pushing collateral aggregation and optimization to the forefront. As you face liquidity, financing, risk and balance sheet challenges, we can help you. Reimagine the way you manage collateral and margin requirements.

Corporate Trust

We seek to be your long-term partner by providing best-in-class service and continually earn our reputation as the gold standard.

Corporate Trust is our core business and competency, and we take our commitment to remain unbiased seriously. We utilize our global footprint to deliver a full range of issuer and related investor services across a wide array of program types.


Depositary Receipts

On stock exchanges throughout the world, we provide extensive access to depositary receipts (DRs). We are ranked #1 among depositary institutions in capital raising, trading volumes and trading values.

Family Office Services

Helping to preserve, manage and further family legacies and wealth for some of the world´s largest and leading family and multi−family offices.

Foreign Exchange

Our technology is designed to offer productivity tools, help mitigate operational risks and provide access to local liquidity.

Liquidity Services

We offer a suite of products that allows you to take control of your cash and liquidity. You can leverage our mix of offerings, with different liquidity profiles, to match your cash needs. Discover our sophisticated real-time tools which can assist you in managing your liquidity and margin requirements.

Pershing Clearing Services

A financial services market leader located in 23 offices worldwide, we are uniquely positioned to provide advisors and firms global insights into industry trends, regulatory changes and best practices, as well as shifts in investor sentiment and expectations.


Securities Finance

Regulation and rapidly changing global financial markets can present challenges and opportunities as you implement investment strategies and try to comply with capital requirements.

Work with BNY Mellon as you face these challenges and opportunities. Together, we can build a flexible and efficient financing solution.

Treasury Services

Through our customizable solutions, innovative technology and industry expertise, we are committed to delivering high-quality cash management, payment and trade solutions for your corporate and institutional global treasury needs.


Wealth & Estate Planning

Wealth planning is about much more than retirement or wealth transfer, it’s about fully realizing your personal goals and vision. We bring more than two centuries of experience to bear with the expertise to achieve your vision.

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