Investment Services

We provide a comprehensive range of services that are unrivalled in scale, precision and quality.

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BNY Mellon Investment Services

Our services have the power to enhance transparency, maximize liquidity and mitigate risks. We help you make the most of your investments.


Alternative Investment Services

Alternative Investment Services

BNY Mellon offers innovative services developed exclusively for alternative investments. We provide a powerful platform to help clients manage the operations of hedge fund, fund of hedge fund, private equity and real estate assets.


Broker-Dealer Services

Broker-Dealer Services

Broker-Dealer Services helps clients unlock value from their securities holdings by developing the innovative technologies and solutions.


Corporate Trust

Depositary Receipts

Depositary Receipts

On stock exchanges throughout the world, we provide extensive access to depositary receipts (DRs). We are ranked #1 among depositary institutions in capital raising, trading volumes and trading values.


Pershing Clearing Services

Treasury Services

Latest News and Our Thinking

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The Race for Assets

Allocations to alternative assets are increasing. What’s driving this shift?

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Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II

The broad scope of MiFID II means it will have wide-ranging effects across financial markets in Europe and will also impact non-European Economic Area (EEA) firms that offer investment services into the EEA.

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Investor Relations in the Driver’s Seat

IR professionals perceive a drop in the importance of global financial centers while steering their companies’ course to investors.

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The DOL Rule: Where Does It Stand?

Learn about recent DOL Rule developments and how they may impact compliance requirements in the mutual fund industry.

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Rethinking the Client Payment Experience

Discover how the use of new and advanced technologies can be leveraged to deliver a superior client experience.