Depositary Receipts Services

BNY Mellon’s Role as Depositary Bank

As a depositary bank, we act as a key market liaison for issuers, brokers and investors and play a key role in the day-to-day management and long-term development of our clients’ DR program.

  • We oversee custody arrangements in local markets via our wide network of global custody bank relationships.
  • We act as the issuance and cancellation agent to the registrar and transfer agent for registered DR holders.
  • We support a wide range of corporate actions services, including capital raises, cross-border merger or acquisition, dividend payments and extending voting rights.

Value-Added Solutions

BNY Mellon goes beyond traditional depositary receipts servicing to deliver value-added solutions that actively support the needs of all three constituent groups essential to the success of any DR program; the issuer, the investor and the broker.

  • Our Global Investor Relations Advisory (GIRA) team seeks to further enhance our clients’ connectivity to the markets, focusing on four key areas: Investor Relations (IR) Advisory, Market Connect (corporate access), Capital Markets IR Advisory and ESG/Governance Advisory.

    We look at an issuer’s needs on a global basis, delivering cross-regional expertise and experience to educate and implement best practices, manage market access and events, also providing investor targeting, and benchmarking and analysis of DR program performance dynamics.

  • Our DR Investor Solutions team works with global asset managers and asset owners on strategic and tactical levels to promote awareness of DRs as an international investing solution, and brings the insights gathered from these investors directly to our DR issuers.

    We engage with investors on trends in global investing, specific investment products and the ways in which DRs can be utilized, as well as the expansion of the DR universe and regulatory changes worldwide.

  • Our DR Broker Solutions team is staffed by specialists in DR conversions, trading and operations seeking to enhance the liquidity of DR programs through efficient interaction between DR programs and local markets.

    We interact with the sell-side community around the mechanics and dynamics of DR securities and cross-border trading.  

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