Broker-Dealer Services

Broker-Dealer Services

We help clients unlock value from their securities holdings by developing the innovative technologies, solutions and client services that make a difference in an evolving marketplace.

We clear and settle equity and fixed-income transactions in 35 countries, and handle most of the transactions cleared through the Federal Reserve Bank of New York for 23 of the 23 primary dealers.*

We are focused on helping our clients around the world take advantage of the unique perspective that comes from clearing and settling equity and fixed-income transactions in markets around the globe, and managing more than $2 trillion in global collateral (including tri-party repo collateral worldwide).

Our clients look to us for our global reach, expertise and operational excellence as we deliver our services, including securities clearance, to financial institutions and corporations worldwide.


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The Future of Wholesale Funding Markets

A Focus on Repo Markets Post U.S. Tri-party Reform

This article provides you with some market insight and understanding as you develop and execute your strategies moving forward.

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Discover Why Collateral is the New Performance Driver

This landmark study – conducted in association with PwC – provides insights on the demand-supply imbalances that are being experienced by buy-side firms as a result of regulations, such as uncleared margin requirements, as well as the possible solutions financial end users are exploring to source liquidity.

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