Integrated Solutions to Help You Meet Your Goals and Obligations

Retirement plans—designed to provide some certainty to the retirees they serve—operate in an environment that is anything but certain. A powerful set of competing forces is putting pressure on plan sponsors’ ability to meet their fiduciary responsibilities and creating challenges on several levels.

Meeting your goals and obligations in this environment requires access to world-class resources. At BNY Mellon – one of the world’s largest global custodians and administrators – we are simplifying the servicing of investment assets. Our exceptional expertise and insights help clients tackle their biggest challenges and drive their goals forward.

Our team is comprised of specialists in the retirement industry who provide the global experience, insight, thought leadership and tools to help you improve and streamline your operational approach.

Your Opportunities


    Our comprehensive range of custody and accounting services supports investments around the world.


    • Custody: Our custody services are built upon the industry’s first single multicurrency platform to provide you with settlement, corporate actions, income processing, tax, proxy voting and class action services.
    • Cash Management: We offer proprietary short-term investment vehicles that are specifically designed for the cash management needs of our asset owner clients. Clients can also choose to use an interest bearing deposit account as a tool to assist clients in making use of their idle balances.
    • Investment Accounting: Our multi-currency accounting system is built upon a true general ledger structure, with integrated controls and crosschecks to minimize errors in processing even the most complex international transactions.
    • Derivatives Support: We provide custody trade capture, accounting, and reporting for the derivative investments, including futures, options, currency hedging and swaps.

    We provide beneficiary solutions and portfolio administration for complex alternative investment strategies that address operational and regulatory challenges.


    • Alternatives Administration: We provide bespoke accounting and administration services for private investments, loan structure, real estate, hedge funds, and limited partnerships.
    • Benefit Disbursements: We provide full-service disbursements services — payments, tax calculations, withholding, deposits, reporting and tax form production, call center, and other ancillary services — to fit specific needs and enhance efficiencies.
    • Tax and Regulatory Support: Our team keeps you ahead of the curve on regulatory reporting, industry changes and best practices, delivering ongoing support to reporting entities through GASB, ERISA and FASB reporting processes.

    Our analytics and dashboards provide a clear focus on plan performance and risk management.


    • Performance Measurement and Attribution Analysis: BNY Mellon offers a comprehensive solution set to help clients analyze investment decisions, manage risk and understand investment trends. 
    • Risk Analysis: Institutional investors receive forward-looking analysis, allowing you to assess the risk-reward profile of your investment strategies.
    • Compliance Monitoring: We offer post-trade reporting for monitoring investment policy goals and guidelines.
    • Dedicated Managed Accounts: BNY Mellon’s HedgeMark specializes in supporting institutional investors in the development and operation of their private dedicated managed account platform.



    We offer currency, collateral management and securities finance capabilities that support our clients’ portfolio needs.


    • Foreign Exchange: Custody FX, FX Payments, FX Sales & Trading and Currency Administration allow you to transact in a variety of currencies in developed, emerging and frontier markets.
    • Capital Markets Trading: We offer securities underwriting, sales and trading for a wide range of investments, with a global footprint that allows you to transact in a variety of currencies and markets.
    • Securities Finance: Our intrinsic agency lending strategy, electronic trading tools and comprehensive reporting provide greater efficiency, price discovery and speed in delivering loans to borrowers, helping to drive incremental revenue.
    • Collateral Management and Segregation: With new regulatory demands pushing collateral aggregation and optimisation to the forefront, we can help you re-think the way you manage collateral and margin requirements.
    • Liquidity Management: We offer a suite of products that allows you to take control of your cash and liquidity.
    • Asset Management Capabilities: BNY Mellon Investment Management serves the unique needs of plan sponsors with the breadth and depth of expertise needed to ensure clients’ strategies match their plan objectives.

Our Scale and Experience

Around 60 Defined Contribution (DC) clients with assets of approximately $316 billion*

*Source: As of 12/31/2017, BNY Mellon company reports

Seven public DC clients totaling $47 billion in assets*

*Source: As of 12/31/2017, BNY Mellon company reports

Around 400 Defined Benefit U.S. clients with approximately $1.4 trillion in assets under custody and administration*

*Source: As of 12/31/2016

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