BNY Mellon provides integrated investment operations solutions for clients to support their middle- and back-office functions. Our goal is simple, to make you more efficient and help you to grow.

Our solution is built on the breadth and depth of our team’s experience, an innovative technology platform and a complete set of proven capabilities which forms a flexible approach to servicing the entire post-trade investment lifecycle.


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The Foundation for Digital Innovation: Confronting the Technology Deficit

A relative lack of investment in the systems that support many middle office functions has left many institutional investors struggling to keep pace with data management and business requirements. Find out how managed services can support the middle office transformation.

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Data Management: Transforming the Middle Office into a Center of Excellence

With volumes of information, regulatory requirements and user expectations all constantly rising, the middle office is facing a perfect storm of data demands. Find out what a feasible approach to data management should be and the key features that drives a robust data management solution.

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Reaping the Benefits of Disruptive Technology

A joint survey conducted by Eagle Investment Systems and Hegarty Group specifically identifies how asset managers are deploying emerging technologies. The bigger question for many, also addressed, is how organizations can take the necessary steps today to access the impending wave of innovation.


Transforming Operations — Not Just Technology

The secret to successful operational transformation: it’s about much more than technology. In this video, Eagle's Cameron Jack shares his insights on common pitfalls and key considerations. Learn more about how Eagle and BNY Mellon could help you accelerate your own transformation.

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