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Prime Custody Plus is an integrated solution that can help you to diversify your counterparty risk and optimize your assets across the investment lifecycle.

As the competitive and regulatory environments continue to create new opportunities and challenges, alternative asset managers are looking for new solutions. Prime Custody Plus helps you manage risk exposure, reduce cost, and improve the transparency and liquidity of assets. Our solution is supported by a team of industry experts, and a robust technology platform to help you achieve your objectives.

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Prime Custody Plus Supports Your Objective

BNY Mellon’s integrated custody and capital markets solution brings the safety, transparency, efficiency and yield you need to navigate in today’s financial market. Hear how BNY Mellon’s Prime Custody Plus solution benefits alternative managers.

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A Solution to Support Your Objectives

As industry changes increase your need for risk mitigation, transparency, liquidity and operational efficiencies, we have the solution to help. The above image provides a view of our end-to-end capabilities across BNY Mellon. Through Prime Custody Plus, we support your custody, liquidity, financing, foreign exchange and capital market needs.

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Hedge Funds Need a Break-the-Glass Plan

Hedge funds must understand risk metrics, liquidity metrics and where their collateral is, says Mark Aldoroty, Managing Director and Head of Pershing’s Prime Services and Collateral Funding & Trading, in a recent FundFire interview.

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Beyond the Hedge Fund Headlines

Prime Services’ Aaron Steinberg discusses the bright future of the alternatives industry.

Industry Insight

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Prior Success is No Guarantee of Future Survival

How will hedge funds survive and thrive in the new era?

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